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Towards a fireworks display of flavors


At the Maison de l'Île d'Orléans, the lunch service (breakfast) is intended to be a highlight of your stay. It is neither vegetarian, nor vegan, nor vegan. It is simply delicious, without being heavy. The hearty five-course meal will keep you going until dinner.


You are invited to the table at 9 a.m. for a tasting of the chef's choices. The culinary discovery lasts approximately two hours. Thus, in terms of duration and choice of menu, this lunch is similar to brunch. 

It is aimed at lovers of local gastronomy, because everything is prepared on site using ingredients from the island. The menu adapts to one thing: the rhythm of the seasons. To create it, Yves, the resident chef, was inspired by the recipes of great starred chefs from France and elsewhere. ​


The soft-boiled egg in the spotlight


Yves invites you to great discoveries. He spends his winters creating his own “playground”. To create it, He draws inspiration from the recipes of great starred chefs from France and elsewhere. Depending on the harvests and the length of the visitors' stay, Yves determines the menu for your gourmet lunch every morning.  

Slow food mouvement

The "Slow Food" movement -- practiced here -- has its roots in 1986. A group of friends -- with a common passion for establishing a clear connection between pleasure, the origin of food and rural life -- meet around the values of bonhomie and good simple food. This is what we offer you.

Among the objectives are the following:

  • Oppose the degrading effects of the food industry and fast food culture that standardize tastes.

  • Promote the beneficial effects of deliberate consumption of local food and indigenous food.

  • Promote a philosophy of pleasure.

  • Encourage attentive and environmentally friendly tourism and solidarity initiatives in the food sector. 

  • Work to safeguard and promote public awareness of culinary traditions and mores.

  • Helping artisan food producers who make quality products.

The Express

But if you are in a hurry and have to leave your room early, Yves has also thought of you. Served at 7:30 in the morning, before the gourmet lunch, the Express will be able to sustain you before departure.

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