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“Slow” activities on the site 

The vast ground of La maison de l'île faces the majestic St. Lawrence River. It is large enough to have a swimming pool, a pétanque alley and a croquet court at the same place. Take the opportunity to play a little game between dips in the pool!

At any time during your day, you will be treated to the spectacle of passing ships. There are nearly 8,000 a year.

In the evening, give yourself the right to fall back into childhood by burning marshmallows on a wood fire... while being lulled by the comings and goings of the waves which follow the rhythm of the tides.  

Play in the island, because it is beautiful all around! 

A day?... Far from enough to lovingly tour the island. Each resident has their own way of telling their story. Each farmer, his way of growing it. Each trader, his way of selling you its beauties.

Visit one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec on foot

From the house, take the small secret staircase of the school, you will arrive directly at the presbytery. Linger at every red lamp post. You will find there a page of history of our pretty village.

Admire cultural sites

While walking along the banks of the river, you can visit the church, the marine cemetery, the quay, the manor, etc. You will have enough for a good half day.  

Go shopping

Along your route, you will come across several small shops including: the Granny's attic, the Ma petite folie gallery, the presbytery bakery and other curiosities.

Play sports

If you have your equipment, it is possible, from the beach of St-Jean, to go kayaking, windsurfing or site surfing on the river. Attention, it is far from being quiet. You will have hours of fun.  

Similarly, if you have your bike, the cottage can not be better located to tour the island. You are in his heart to go: day 1, left and day 2, right. By leaving early in the morning, you will be the first on the road... only the farmers will be there before you.  

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